Project: Website design & development

Client: House of Lingerie

Project URL:

Brief: Develop an online store to sell luxurious French and Italian lingerie

Working Planet developed an online store using open source software solutions to sell the luxurious French and Italian designer boutique lingerie of the House of Lingerie. WordPress (the most widely used CMS platform) was enhanced with the Woocommerce plugin to create an easy to use responsive online shop.

In France, the French public described lingerie as “very important to life”.  Only in Paris, where the mystery of “l’ amour” is equal to the thrill of conquest, what you are wearing “underneath” may be more revealing than the clothes you are wearing “on top”.  At the House of Lingerie we want not only women to feel this but men also, and to change the mindest of how the Australian public can venture into this world of romance……

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