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Your brand is a very powerful too and provides a simple visual device to enable easy recognition. It helps to establish your credibility and professionalism.The logo is the foundation of your  brand visual identity. Successful businesses have an identifiable, trustworthy brand and their logo articulates their values and their positioning in the marketplace . Your brand may be your most valuable asset.We work with new or exiting clients by getting to know you, the competitive landscape you are operating in, clearly defining what your customers are seeking, and analysing what your opportunities there are for distinguishing your brand. Understand your strategic goals helps us create visual assets that can be leveraged throughout your marketing materials and works towards your brand recognition. The working Planet branding strategy extends from your name, logo and slogan through to the development of your stationery and online presence.

We believe that you need to be proud to stand behind the logo we create for you.

For larger businesses we usually create a a brand guideline document .

Working Planet has extensive experience in creating strong corporate identities which form the foundation for businesses to communicate their stories effectively.

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