The VS-4 SMARTVALVE is constructed using 316 stainless steel and fully pickled.
A full service can be done from above, on-site, in 5-10 minutes. No heavy lifting in and out of pits.
The primary chamber is sealed and cannot lose its air charge thus maintaining anti-hammer properties continuously helping to protect the mains.
The tubular screen in the primary chamber prevents rubbish entering the secondary chamber thus protecting the valve assembly.
The 2kg (4.4lbs) positive buoyancy of the float seats the seals at atmospheric pressure. Rated at 18 bar.
On vacuum type mains a one-way-only valve can be fitted.
To double or treble air flows the VS-4 SMARTVALVE can be ordered with a second or third valve chamber attached to the primary chamber.
The base flange is a table D 4 inch with adaptor plates for all other sizes. Special base flanges can be ordered to suit customer requirements.
When compared to single chamber valves the VS-4 SMARTVALVE service interval can be extended by up to ten times.
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