Project: 2009 Annual Report

Client: Community Solutions Group

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We have worked closely over a number of years with this Sunshine Coast based community organisation to produce their  annual report reflecting their corporate ideals.


Community Solutions is a unique, not for profit community service organisation, which recognises the significant and sustainable outcomes that can be achieved when the resources of communities, business, government and individuals are brought together to target issues of concern and opportunity in regional communities.

Together with Community Assets Australia Ltd, the Community Capital Foundation and Community Employment Options Inc; Community Solutions Inc forms part of the Community Solutions Group.

The Community Solutions Group specialises in the provision of innovative services and essential community assets to individuals and regional communities which are disadvantaged and require benevolent relief.

With a sound governance model, professional management team and highly-skilled staff, the Community Solutions Group provides an ideal vehicle for government departments, local councils, corporations, other service organisations and local businesses to work together with regional communities to create sustainable benefits for individuals, families and other target groups.

This Report details the specific activities of Community Solutions Inc during 2009/2010 and highlights the goals and recent achievements of the other entities within the Group, including the 2009/2010 merging of Community Solutions Inc and Community Employment Options Inc, which culminated in a celebration of 20 years of service for Community Employment Options Inc.

our core business

The agreed core business of Community Solutions is:

“…creating community capital via the delivery of quality, diversified and

synergistic services, essential community assets and the fostering of

productive partnerships and social investment in regional communities.”

The key services currently being driven by the Board and developed and delivered by management and staff are:

Employment and Training

Community Support, and

Community Development.

Our core business addresses the charter and objects of a public benevolent institution – delivering quality services directly to people with high needs and significant disadvantage.

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