Project: Book design, development and printing

Client: TerraneanMapping

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A corporate profile booklet featuring contemporary graphic design elements highlighting modern spatial mapping technologies. Designed and printed by our Sunshine Coast based business for the Brisbane based Terranean Mapping Technologies. this company has sine become part of RPS.


A resources boom fuelled by global demand and population growth is accelerating the need for new infrastructure. Quality mapping information can help us to plan and implement sustainable growth more intelligently than ever before.

Our Industries Infrastructure Local, State and Federal Government Environment and Agriculture Exploration and Mining Property Development

Our aim is to insulate you from technical complexities; understand your requirements and deliver the most appropriate solution in a minimum of time.
Timely, quality mapping solutions that provide real value. Determining the visual impact of a new development;
Measuring the extent of an open cut mine;
Designing a new rail corridor;

Organising the plethora of spatial data used by an exploration company … are all mapping problems. Terranean is an award winning company, which focuses exclusively on the capture, analysis and management of mapping information. We offer the unique ability to choose from our core services of Satellite Remote Sensing, Aerial Mapping, LiDAR and GIS Services to provide the best combination of technologies to complete a project. We are the mapping and GIS arm of Conics, a national development consultancy focused on urban growth and infrastructure. We provide flexibility and service, backed by the security of a large multi-disciplinary company. Our people are passionate about mapping. We strive to extract the best from our technologies; however our approach is driven by outcomes rather than technology. growth

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