Project: Multimedia DVD and CD Rom package design and production

Client: Community Solutions

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Party Smart Party Safe is a resource that helps young people plan, host and attend parties within a framework of safe settings and health behaviours. The resource has been well received by the Sunshine Coast community.

Everyone enjoys going to or hosting a fun and successful party. For young people, celebrating special occasions with friends is an important part of growing up. Party Smart Party Safe is designed to ensure that young people and their friends know how to stay safe AND have a great time.

Features information from Queensland Police, Emergency Services and the Street Angels.

For Young People

• How drugs and alcohol affect your physical

and mental health

• Your legal rights and responsibilities

• What to do in an emergency

• Social risks including drink spiking

• Strategies for staying safe

For Parents

• Ways to ensure your child enjoys a safe party experience

• Tips for planning a successful, enjoyable and safe party

• Effective communication strategies

• Where to get support

The Party Smart Party Safe CD-ROM is funded under the Management of Public Intoxication Program by the Department of Communities.


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