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Like much of the southeast coast of Queensland, the Sunshine Coast is undergoing massive population growth and equally rapid development. Maroochy Shire is in the heart of the Sunshine Coast. Long aware of the impacts of the ‘sea change’ phenomena on the region, Maroochy’s Council and communities have been thinking and planning for a sustainable future. Maroochy 2025 Community Visioning project is this beautiful ‘Bush and Beach’ region’s response to the challenges of sustainability.

Through Maroochy 2025, the local communities and their leaders are taking the opportunity to make sound, solid decisions. Their decisions will affect the fabric of life for all who call this region home now and 20 years into the future.

In 2002, Maroochy Shire Council – one of the leading stakeholders in the project – began pioneering Maroochy 2025, a community visioning and action-planning project.

Maroochy 2025 is a wonderful story of people taking charge of their destiny.

Maroochy 2025 is a way for Maroochy communities to develop their own visions and action plans for the Shire’s future. Each part of the visioning project was conducted by, and through, its communities – a process that quite naturally increases the community’s capacity to participate in planning decisions.

Through this process of community participation, others were able to learn from the project and learn from contemporary methods of community visioning used. In particular, the project helped infuse greater awareness of many elements of Futures Studies.

The current publication aims to document and broadly communicate the process, the philosophy, the visions and the actions – all integral components of Maroochy 2025.

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