Project: Multimedia Video / CD Rom package

Client: Community Solutions / Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace


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This project was developed as a learning resource for mature age adults with poor literacy levels who require practical assistance to learn about computers and using internet sites.  The learning resource included a DVD whichserved as a self-paced multi-media package to support the development of practical e-literacy skills.  This resource was designed in light of key research in the field of vocational education and training specifically in the areas of literacy with consideration of e-literacy skills and barriers.



  1. Why use the internet


  1. Computing Basics

– Turning on the computer

– using your mouse

– using your keyboard


3. Finding your way around the internet

– Selecting the web browser

– navigating:

  • Scrolling
  • Forward & back
  • Minimize & close
  • Clicking on links (arrow turns to hand)
  • What an hour glass or loading bar means

4. Web pages

– Web addresses

– Favourites/Bookmarks

– Useful web pages (job search etc)


5. Searching

– Google

– Choosing search terms

– ‘Do you mean’ function

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